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Global database Verification

Dive deep into the extensive global databases to secure comprehensive insights and foster a culture of trust and transparency in your organization with Pietos.

ID Verification

Protect your organization from potential risks associated with identity fraud, fostering a secure environment with verified identities.

Employment Verification

Secure the best talent with Pietos' employment verification services, a detailed analysis ensuring transparency and authenticity in the employment history of potential hires.

Address Verification

Build a trustworthy relationship with your stakeholders through Pietos' precise address verification services, a step towards a secure and confident business environment.

Education Verification

Uphold the integrity of your team with Pietos' education verification services, distinguishing genuine qualifications from fraudulent claims.

Reference Check

Build a team grounded in trust and professionalism with Pietos' reference check services, ensuring the references provided are legitimate and portray the candidate accurately.

Criminal Records Check

Foster a safe and secure work environment with Pietos' criminal records check, a service designed to identify potential red flags in an individual's background.

Financial History Check

Pietos delves into the financial histories of potential hires, offering a detailed view of their financial responsibility and stability, vital to make informed hiring decisions.

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At Pietos, we take pride in being consistently ranked as one of the best background verification services companies in India. As a leading provider of end-to-end background screening solutions, we are the natural choice for organizations seeking comprehensive and reliable background verification services in India.

Background verification (BGV) plays a critical role in ensuring that companies hire trustworthy employees, vendors, and partners. Understanding the significance of accurate and dependable background checks, we offer a wide range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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